going with the flow – sharing the truth about Ava Sol {which is constantly unfolding} – from fruitful darkness though sudden realizations into emptiness – living in presence and quiet contentment – then a desire came along with a vision – intention was set before that – an experiment in raw expression and being real – putting all I did not know to do with into one – saudade – allowing myself to live in my depth and love it – embracing all parts of self – go big or go home, yet you go home either way – what’s there to lose? – my world is for me to be truly myself in – if we attract what we are, could I become true and love – earth as a classroom/game – we align based on our frequency – change starts from within – in the end, it’s all for love – giving my all and having fun with it, detached from an outcome – expressing what comes through – here to experience it all

that’s that