Coming Together

life can only be understood backwards – let it flow – authentic creative expression – vulnerability is strength – peeling the layers and sharing our gifts – we all have our unique beauty and essence to share – like the cells of the body we come together and harmonize, each joyfully expressing who they are and what they came to be – what are you suppressing – depression might just be you not allowing your fullness to come to light – the beauty of variety in unity – inspiration can come from anywhere and lead to co-creation – what is moving through you – connect with it and bring it without – accept yourself – no judgement – no need to look for approval – let’s meet in the creative artistic space and redesign our world with truth, beauty, kindness, love, freedom and joy in mind/heart – believe it and you will see it – the power of intention and focus – all is available vibrationally, all you need to do is to align to the frequency of what you desire and take inspired action

our world