finish… my… sentences…

Initially ‘finish… my… sentences…” was inspired by the colors – terracotta and aquamarine – and then the collection turned into an ode of simplicity, self-acceptance, reclaiming desire, and celebrating the sanctity of the body as a vessel for the soul’s expression.

Here are the collection Cliff Notes aka what did the artist feel…

💃1. click… {bait} 

It all began with curiosity. She was pondering and wondering… Can you use the sexual to evoke the spiritual? Is there a relationship between the two? If so, what is it? Are they mutually exclusive or inclusive? Self-portraits as a reflection of deep introspection.

💃2. don’t judge a book by… {its cover}

Is there more beyond the body? And if so, what is it? Who am I? The labels assigned to me/how others perceive me, or something else entirely? Are you different from me or are we the same in essence? Is there another? An hourglass full of questions.

💃3. always put your best… {foot forward}
Once she got bored/disillusioned with the limitations of the consensual reality, she dared to venture forward into the unknown. She was bare, bold and unafraid. On this journey anything was possible and not much was needed but a willingness to look and truly see.

💃4. still waters run… {deep}
She did not just dip her toes in. She dove into deep. For that’s how she likes it. On the outside she moved about in seemingly the same way. Yet, on the inside a fire was burning with passion all that was standing in the way of knowing. The senses are the doorway to all answers.

💃5. strike while the iron is… {hot}
When obstacles appeared in the shape of mental patterns and long-held beliefs, she could face them head on, turn her back and run, or simply surrender to the sweet pain that cleared the way deeper inward. Nothing is good or bad, all can be enjoyed.

💃6. when it rains… {it pours}
Sometimes the process would get really intense, usually after a period of calm. When you get caught in the storm, might as well get wet. Drenched. Soaked, even. Saturated. No other way to get elevated.

💃7. it’s no use crying over… {spilt milk} 
Mistakes happen. Cycles come back to be repeated until mastered. Kindness, patience, compassion, love and forgiveness toward self and others are among the many lessons we come to re:member as souls in bodies. Threading gently. 

💃8. what goes around… {comes around}
Actions lead to consequences. What we sow is what we reap. Our words/thoughts/feelings are like boomerangs and come back to us reflected through others/the environment. Challenging relationships are our greatest teachers. Do we leave things better than we found them or worse?

💃9. nothing ventured, nothing… {gained} 
She could stop at any point and stay there, or she could keep going further and further, deeper and deeper. Slowly, but surely, she was getting better at seeing through sensing. No need to rush, simply be and feel. Revel in presence.

💃10. breakfast for… {champions}
When the epiphanies come it made going through the valley of shadows so gratifying and rewarding. Was it difficult? Yes. Juicy, peachy and so sweet is how she felt knowing she had completed a certain cycle/seen through her own illusions. Enjoying the little things and celebrating the big wins. 

💃11. you can leave your… {hat on}
Ultimately what mattered most is how she walked through the fire. And the rain. And the snow. And the scorching heat. And all weather for that matter. Becoming one with it, she could feel, know, understand, and be free of the judging mind. It helps to have a hat in California.

💃12. sitting… {pretty}
In a body, yet one with all in soul. Pure bliss, ocean kiss. So many moments to be felt, experienced, not missed. Everything she needed was right there, and she was everywhere. To see the world in a grain of sand… grand. The present of presence.

💃13. Veni Vidi… Amavi 
Nobody to conquer/master but self. Befriending the shadow, embracing the darkness, uniting all seeming opposites, accepting the self completely, arriving at wholeness, at peace, in bliss, back to circle one in Love as Love here to Love and be Love{d}.

Is there anything else but Love?