C’est La Vie: Private Party

aluminum foil is surprisingly wearable

different angles offer different perspectives – we all have a unique way of seeing, determined by past experiences, present thoughts and beliefs and future expectations – that’s why you should not care about the opinions on others – change your way of seeing and you will change the world you live in – everything emanates from you, the world and all in it is simply a reflection – truth is freedom, but how much of it are you ready to see? – the end is a new beginning – adding more angles to your way of seeing – do you see the world through the filter of fear or love – healing means coming into wholeness and remembering you have always been that – self importance diminishes and you align with your harmonious place in the natural pattern – the circle of life – free to be your authentic self – dropping limitation and going with your inner guidance towards what feels good – flowing in the Now – you are enough as you are – enjoy the dream

c’est la vie
a private party: You as you are experiencing yourSelf in myriads of forms – how cool is that? đŸ˜‰