How deep… are you? Have you dared look within? What have you uncovered? …



My reflection
In your eyes.


what does it mean? let me not break it down for you this time…


My New Mood

What is a mood? How important is it for the quality of your life? The sum total of your predominant thoughts and feelings comprises your overall mood, and based on it you draw to yourself things/experiences of a similar/same nature/vibrational frequency. So, your mood turns out to be the determining factor of what portion of reality you experience. Simple, and it can be sweet. Annie, founder of My New Mood, was drawn by my images on Unsplash and got in touch with me to create some photos for her website featuring her wonderful natural products. We connected right away and working together was effortless fun. Below is her story and some images from the updated website – feels so good to be part her her passion project!

Just Live

from the cradle to the grave… a deep contemplation on life, oneness, the human experience, soul calling, soul searching, journeying without only to return within, love, and, and, and… I was really feeling it 😉

just live

It’s A Miracle

sometimes things don’t turn out as we expected, because there are better surprises in store…

don’t miss it

Perfect Timing

curiously everyone else seems to know what you are supposed to do… the question is do you allow others to run your show or do you direct it yourself?… follow your heart… or don’t… the choice is yours…

perfect timing

Feel With Me

at ease.
sitting quietly,
just breathe.
open up,
all comes at
the right time.
every moment
is sublime.

What If…

posing the question differently elicits a different view and a different answer… what if you are not a human on a spiritual journey, but a spirit on a human adventure?… let’s explore and different perspective together…one of ease, experiments, experiences and excitement… moving away from striving to become into allowing to be…

experience, exploration and excitement

Come Together

good morning {picture me drinking lemon water, no coffee just yet, enjoying the sunshine) – hello spirit playing the human game – the tree of knowledge, welcome to the world of duality, now start classifying everything into good and bad – what if all opposites comprise a whole – stay present with all and know it all shall pass – open yourself up to living – from a critic to creator – the world as a reflection of what is inside of you – let’s be brave and feel our uncomfortable e-motions – acknowledge them, allow them to move through and give way for magic to happen – somehow it all comes down to self observation, presence and letting go/feeling it all – no special techniques needed – you got what it takes, naturally – look inside you and you will see – just believe and you can be whoever you want to be – {this can be song lyrics} – make the unconscious conscious {sing this as a jingle at the end of a commercial} – might as well have fun with it 🙂

come together