Conscious Sexuality As A Doorway To Embodied Enlightenment

I woke up at 3am the other night to allow this insight through … enjoy!


Our sexuality can serve as a doorway to spirituality and through making love to another human being we can get a realization of oneness/have a profound spiritual awakening. In the moments of intense presence when time and space disappear we can experience our true selves - namely, pure awareness. The two bodies merged as one, the polarity united in singularity.  Thus lovemaking becomes a sacred act, a meditation, a doorway to the divine, nurturing enlightenment, a deeper connection, mental, physical and emotional well-being. It’s an opportunity for constant renewal - all agendas and techniques disappear, giving way to pure presence, sensitivity, sensuality, playfulness, awareness. We do not come together for a particular end/to reach orgasm, but to simply enjoy one another and celebrate our humanity and divinity. Making love is a beautiful flow of energy, a sweet surrender to simply being and allowing the doing to happen in its own for the bodies can feel their own rhythm and inner wisdom and they know how to move/what to do. Just like dancing or playing music, the enjoyment is in the act and when orgasm happens it’s a blissful high followed by a mellow calm that can be sparked by a single touch to another blissful high. This can only happen when both individuals have done the inner work to be completely free of any shame, guilt, fear and other negative conditioning around sexuality/the natural human body and can fully embrace and accept themselves and the other. There is a sweetness and sacredness to making love in pure awareness that is beyond words, opening doorways to other worlds/planes of existence, bringing more light and love to the Earth, and anchoring these new energies in the body as our beautiful miraculous vessel for experiencing this physical reality of seeming separation and duality. Sex between enlightened conscious partners is a most natural and effortless transcendence of the limitations of form and rebirth into embodied expanded awareness - again and again, to no end. When two powerful energetic streams of life force merge together in love and presence, they propel the collective evolution of consciousness through downloading, channeling and emitting higher vibrations and frequencies. Gradually bliss becomes a sustained state that can be revisited/experienced at any time, for it’s the truth if who we are. 

Hear it here.