A Change Is Gonna Come/Coming/Here Now

change – such a fascinating topic – life is change – being in the flow = accepting things as they come – surrender to the current – give up the need to control the outside – life becomes more like a dance/song – moving with your inner rhythms – may look strange on the outside – have you seen The Green Beautiful?- watch it, it’s so good – why do we do the things that we do when so many of them are completely unnatural? – why don’t we all have fruit trees in our yard/public spaces? – “new” ideas take time to break through/be accepted, because they require change – comfort/habit/laziness/fear of the unknown/pride/power makes us want to cling to old ideas/ways of doing things – so much of our old paradigm is in need of dire change, and we are slowly but surely going through it – as within, so without – be gentle with yourself and your pace – when you truly have the desire/motivation you will change accordingly -take it easy – focus on yourself and be the observer – patience and practice makes real – I see you, beautiful human, you are Life personified – rock on the divine spark that you are! 🙂